Traveler Personality Quiz

The Trip Doctor Traveler Personality Quiz is designed to help you understand what type of traveler you are. The quiz is composed of twelve questions that access the underlying traits that lead to your travel decisions. There are five potential traveler personalities that fall along a continuum. On one end lies travelers that prefer to have everything taken care of for them – this type of traveler likely prefers things like guided tours, cruises, and all-inclusive resorts and is interested in well established, safe  travel destinations. On the other end of the continuum likes travelers who want to be the first to visit a destination – these travelers likely prefer destinations with little formal tourism development and are likely to travel across the globe to find them.

Your traveler personality will likely fit you very closely, but there may be things in the description that you may think, “that isn’t me!” That is because these descriptions are what we call psychographic archetypes. Psychographics are attitudes and interests, and for the tourism marketer these are perhaps the most valuable forms of classification there are. An archetype is essentially a perfect example of a type of person (like how an arch nemesis is the impersonation of the exact opposite of someone). Of course, in real life, people never fit perfectly into one category or another – especially because we are constantly changing. So – remember as you read about your traveler personalities that there may be examples in there that don’t fit you perfectly.

When taking the quiz, you should answer the questions as they directly relate to you in your every day life. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about you:


1.I like to talk to a lot of different people if I go to a party
2.I prefer to travel places where I can speak my own language
3.I like a consistent routine in my daily life
4.I worry a lot
5.I love to be active on vacation
6.I enjoy being the first person to experience something
7.I like to think about things for a long time before I make decisions
8.I get nervous easily in unfamiliar places
9.I make decisions quickly and easily
10.I will often buy a new product or service before anyone has had a chance to review it
11.I would rather sit by the pool than go for a hike
12.I like to be comfortable